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The mayor’s postcard

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We got a postcard on Friday from the mayor that said Meilleurs Voeux 2017 that we might otherwise recognize as Best Wishes for the new year. On the other side of the card that you see here is his greeting wishing us a happy new year and thanking us for our confidence in him and in our city. In all of the places that we’ve lived, I don’t remember ever getting a card like this before—a tax bill, jury duty summons, or a zoning change, sure, but nothing nice like this. Looks like 2017 is getting off to a great start in Carcassonne!

Door to door

Firefighters' calendar

Firefighters’ calendar

We’ve only just started living full-time at our new house but that has not exempted us from encountering a multitude of solicitors at our front door. The first was a roofer who arrived the day after we had signed the closing papers and we, ourselves, were only just looking around our new purchase. He pointed out the plants growing on our roof and showed us a couple of loose tiles at one edge. Like almost all houses here, ours has a ceramic tile roof and once we got a ladder, we quickly remedied the problems he showed us.  After him were 2 painters, a plasterer, another roofer, a psychic, and representatives from a religious group. With Bill’s quick “Sorry, we don’t speak French” comment to those last folks, they left with a smile. Read the rest of this entry

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