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If you’re an American thinking about moving to France then this is the blog for you! Follow along as we go through the process of deciding to make the move, gather the documents we need for a visa, sell the house, find a place to live, and actually fly off to France.

At first this blog might have been called “Let’s Live In FRANCE” where the excitement of moving is all centered around the place we were going to. Now that we’re over here then the emphasis has shifted to “Let’s LIVE in France” where we discuss the joy of thriving in our new home in Carcassonne in the south of France.

WARNING: We hope to tell you all the steps we’ve gone through to make this journey including our dealings with government agencies. These will be our personal experiences so just because something worked for us doesn’t mean that it will work for you since the rules might have changed. Please enjoy the ride!

House Rules:

  • This is a positive, upbeat blog about moving from the US to France. If we can provide some useful information to other Americans to make the process easier, then we’ve achieved our goal.
  • Feel free to comment on any of our posts. Comments that we feel aren’t appropriate for the blog will not appear.
  • The posts reflect our own experiences; therefore, we are experienced, not experts. The details that we write about here are what has happened to us and might not be what you find in a similar situation.
  • Prices are often indicated as “euros/dollars” even though they are not at parity; it’s just easier since we pay our bills in euros even though our income arrives in dollars. If you need a more accurate reflection of prices, an Internet search will quickly make the conversion.

Navigation tip: To read all of the blog posts in chronological order, please click on the link below that will take you to the very first post entitled This is where it all started. After you have read that post, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see NEXT: France it is, but why and where? which is the second post. You will find NEXT and PREVIOUS at the bottom of each post. When you want to pause your reading, keep track of the title of that blog post so that you can look for it in the Search this blog box when you return. Ready for the first post?

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  1. Thanks so much for the blog love in the “Blogs We Follow” section. Appreciate it and all the best to you!

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    1. Your blog has been SO helpful to us in preparing for the move. We knew that others would benefit as well, plus we wanted to keep up with you, so we had to include it. Looking forward to more insights into life in France!

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    1. We definitely get winds here but nothing like the Mistral that we’ve read about in Provence that can last for days. Carcassonne has the Tramontane from the north, the Cers from the west, and the Scirocco, Autan, and Marin from the south. All of these help to blow away the clouds giving us 300 days of sunshine each year!


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