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Each blog post has subject tags assigned to it to help you in locating a specific topic without sorting through hundreds of posts. Examples include “Bank”, “Housing”, “Insurance”, and “Medical”. To access these and all of the other tags, look at the right column under the heading “Tags”. Click on a tag and all of the posts about that subject will be displayed with the most recent first.

  • Budget: There is a separate menu item above that will take you to our most-requested topic.
  • Pet Travel: Click here to see the email we have sent to those requesting more details about our experience of bringing Heather with us to France. There is also a tag for “Pet Travel”. 
  • Train Travel: Our favorite way to see France and the rest of Europe is by train. The tag for “Public Transportation” will display the posts about the trips we’ve taken so far but there are so many more destinations to see right here in France. Click here for a lengthy article about destinations accessible by train.