“Meeting” Tracy & Alan

In our world of social media it seems that many words are getting redefined. Thanks to Facebook, “friends” now come in several levels but then the French have always had 7 types which is a subject worth its own blog post. The word “meeting”, which used to be a face-to-face encounter but now you might meet someone with email, instant messaging, or even see them with programs like Skype & Facetime without ever being able to shake their hand or hug them. Such is the case with our new friends Tracy & Alan, a couple we met through their blog An Italian Point of View. Despite the name, it floated to the top of Google’s results list when I asked for a blog of/from “Americans in Carcassonne” and we’ve been richer ever since.

Tracy and Alan started their blog well before they were ready to move overseas with Italy being their intended new home. A twist of events put them in France where they have continued to chronicle their daily activities such as shopping at markets and visiting historic sites plus dealing with government issues like visas, taxes, and insurance as a foreigner. This last section has been invaluable for the two of us in our preparation for the move and our inspiration to write this blog for anyone else considering doing the same.

Although they have now moved away from Carcassonne to another French town, from which they continue to blog, they reassure us that the choice of our new hometown is a wise one look forward to confirming that in person. We can’t wait for that REAL meeting!