That sinking feeling

Isn’t it funny how quickly we can adapt to things around the house that might bother us if we were buying it but they don’t seem so important when we’re already living there? There are those scuff marks on the baseboard, the dent in the garage door, the bedroom wall that really needs to be painted. Now that we’re getting the house ready to sell we’ve pretty much finished up on the inside and have turned our attention to the outdoors. Since curb appeal is vital to that first impression when a buyer drives up to the house, we want to make sure the front yard looks its best.

Looking a little depressed
Looking a little depressed

Today we’re achieving two objectives in one: filling in a sinking area of the yard and having less grass to mow. When it’s 90 degrees F here in Atlanta next summer I’m certain that the new owners will appreciate that second part very much. Here in this first photo you can see how much lower the ground is on one side of the tree.

We were planning on just popping into the local home improvement store to pick up a few bags of mulch but after we put the metal border in place it became obvious that our little car was not going to hold everything that we needed. We ended up ordering 20 bags each of soil and mulch which I figure weighed over 1000 pounds, I’m glad that we paid for delivery which seems the norm in France. As long time Amazon Prime members we’re used to free delivery on everything,  sometimes even arriving the next day and that might be on a Sunday. Looks like we may be in for an adjustment but you know, someone has to pay for that “free” delivery.

After a hard day’s work, in the second photo that area has suddenly been transformed. No more sink hole and less grass to mow. If it’s true that when someone drives up to a house for sale that they decide within 30 seconds if they even want to go inside based on what they see from the street, then we’re one step closer to welcoming that buyer.

Larger mulch area after filling in depression.