From surf to turf

Lobster boat in Rockland, ME

Lobster boat in Rockland, ME

Normally, if I’m going to take a photo of dinner, it’s after the meal is ready and sitting on the plate in front of me. In keeping with the “locally grown” campaign that is prominent in grocery stores across Maine, here you see the before and after photos of the delicious lobster dinner that our friends Anne and Paul prepared for us. Because it was a Sunday afternoon, there were few fishing boats in operation but Paul knew exactly which dock to go to for fresh lobster. As you can tell, this boat has just arrived and the crew members are sorting their catch. The guy in the yellow slicker is slingling that blue crate with our six lobsters inside over to the scale to weigh them.

Lobster dinner

Lobster dinner

The second photo is from about an hour later after our two expert chef hosts had worked their magic. Bill and I agreed that this was the most tender lobster we’d ever eaten. Thanks, you two, for the perfect welcome to Maine. Now the challenge is on to do something similar for you when you visit us in Carcassonne.

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While living in North, Central and South America, in the middle of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, and now in Europe, my passion has remained the same: travel and meeting new friends.

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  1. Peter and Gaynor Worrall.

    Fear not! You will imbibe the French penchant for style and delivery miraculously looking and tasty dishes – especially with all the local fresh seafood on hand. Love Gaynor and Pete.


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