Trying to adjust

Double order

Double order

Bill is so funny…and clever. He went grocery shopping yesterday and one of the items on the list was a can of pumpkin puree which we use to make biscuits for Heather. He said that it pained him to pick up only one can but in keeping with our goal to empty the pantry before we move, we’re only buying what we need each week. At least that’s how I understood it….

Once we started unpacking the bags the first thing I noticed was that there were two gallons of milk and he doesn’t even drink the stuff. Next came out a pound of broccoli followed by two more pounds from a different bag. The explanation?  A.) Everything was on sale (admittedly milk for $1.99 a gallon and broccoli at 99 cents a pound is pretty cheap); B) He didn’t want me to run out (very sweet); and C) He went to more than one store so it wasn’t like buying duplicates at the same place and thus overstocking the pantry. That last one seems a bit like coloring outside the lines to me.

Speaking of pumpkin puree, it’s apparently not very common in French grocery stores so if you come over for a visit during the Halloween to New Years holiday period, how about sticking a can in your checked luggage? Heather will love you for it. Until then we’ll be looking for some alternative biscuit recipes that combine camembert or brie with foie gras and a splash of champagne. Oh, that’s for our afternoon happy hour, not for the dog!

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