No man is an island

When Bill was looking online for a new computer he was surprised at the high cost which was almost double the price we had paid for my laptop about a year ago. In keeping with a variation on our new “double or nothing” concept, we wanted one computer to replace both his dying laptop plus our larger and more robust desktop that handles most everything household from banking to scheduling the lights, music, the thermostat, on and on. To try to get the price down he started downgrading the computer by decreasing the memory, choosing a slower processor, and getting a smaller screen. At that point I asked him if this was the time to be scrimping. After all, we would be replacing two computers with one and taking it to a place where we are far from fluent in the language. Although I can carry on a casual conversation in French, it doesn’t typically include words like ram, processor, pixel, and HDMI nor inquiring about computer repairs and upgrades. Initially I think that we’ll need to function as independently as possible as we begin to fit in and avoid feeling isolated.

Tenpound Island, St. George, ME

Tenpound Island, St. George, ME

Perhaps no man is an island, but it might feel as if he’s living on one.

This will be an interesting social experiment. We have an extrovert who enjoys interacting with everyone he meets and is at the beginner level of French. Then there is the introvert, who speaks decent enough French, but prefers to leave all of the interactions with government officials, repair and service people and others who might come to your house to someone else. Either Bill will learn French really fast or I’ll develop amazing verbal skills overnight. Any bets?

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While living in North, Central and South America, in the middle of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, and now in Europe, my passion has remained the same: travel and meeting new friends.

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