Running on empty

Empty wine racks

Empty wine racks

We went to Trader Joe’s® today and I’ll let you guess why based on the accompanying photo. You may recall that we’ve been “shopping from the pantry” trying to use up all of the food that we still have stored on the shelves. That policy applies to the wine cellar as well and it would appear that we’ve done a really good job of clearing the shelves down there! If you’ve been to our house you know that these wine racks are typically full just in case a hurricane hits Atlanta and it’s unsafe to drink the water.

We’ve recently returned from Barcelona where it was easy to find tasty wine at around 1 dollar a bottle and only a bit more in France despite the slightly higher taxes. We definitely experienced sticker shock today but we still managed to find the courage to bring home around 7 cases to see us through the upcoming holidays. As we were checking out and telling the cashier about the price differences, she asked if she could move to France with us. She said that typically customers comment on what a good value the wines at that store are, and that’s true, relatively speaking.

When we arrived home and starting unloading the boxes from the trunk, a lawn service salesman happened to be walking door-to-door. Bill explained to him what we were doing, where we are moving, and why. The first thing this young man said was “Can I move with you?” Looks like we could have more company than we thought!

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