Leave a light on; it’s closin’ time

Heather on pier
Heather on the pier

Our Florida vacation is over so it’s time to return to Atlanta for a last visit to Heather’s vet and then all 3 of us can be off to France. For a final look back we all took a walk out to the end of the pier that you see in the featured photo above. Thanks, Cheryl & Pete, for taking such good care of Heather while we were on the road. There’s a Key West tribute to each of you at the bottom of this post.

So we’re back in Atlanta for a couple of reasons: we fly out of here to Paris next week and the Georgia office of the US Department of Agriculture is located here. Once Heather’s vet finishes filling out the 7-page export form our 4-footed friend needs to leave the country, we have to take it to a vet at the USDA for her/his stamp of approval.

In the meantime we’re packing and repacking our luggage trying to ensure that no one piece exceeds 50 pounds in weight. We’re sitting in Economy Comfort which allows each of us 2 pieces of checked baggage plus a carry-on and a small bag that will fit under the seat. An additional checked piece would cost 220 dollars and any piece that weighs more than 50 pounds is an additional 85 euro. Heather and her house travel in the lighted, heated, pressurized section of the hold for 200 dollars and does not count as one of your included pieces of checked baggage.
And now for the concluding line from Pump Boys and Dinettes: Leave a light on; it’s closin’ time. See ya’ when ya’ stop this way again….

Beach sign key west
And to you, Cheryl!
Rum bar key west
Here’s to you, Pete!


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    1. It sure is and it’s hanging over the entrance to a bar (imagine that) on Duval Street in Key West. Miss you too and we’ll be waiting to see you in Carcassonne!


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