Budget – Previous years

Euro bills and coins
Euro bills and coins
Category (in euros)201620172018201920202021
Electricity & Gasincluded146147147132141
Property Taxesincluded104105108108100
Habitation Taxincluded77798100
Property insurance203639404142
Food/Grocery items320320320320320320
Cell phone service101010101010
VPN for US connex.332333/4
Bank fees131310101010
Local bus888833
Health ins. France15315342424444
Health ins. USA1642040000
Medical visits & OTC drugs505050505050
Residency card fee44444444440
Furnace Certification/Maint.1212
Total/month in euros221815821287129412151186

* Notes:  2018 – We joined the national health plan and dropped our USA health insurance. We purchased mutuelle insurance (shown above as “Health ins. France”) that covers some of the out of pocket expenses. This is a personal choice as to how much coverage you feel you need.

2020 – Fiber optic cable was installed in Carcassonne and we opted for the highest speed possible. Lower prices are available. Our boiler (that provides instant hot water and heat) required service and for insurance purposes it must be recertified each year so we purchased a contract. Due to changes in the way our US income is treated for tax purposes (mostly government pensions – IRAs, SS, state pensions) we no longer pay the habitation or TV tax.

2021 – We have our 10 year residency cards so will not need this fee for a while. Not travelling due to Covid-19 meant we were home to use more water, etc. so our budget had to increase for some items.