Noise Restrictions

How civilized! I read today on an expat forum that France has countrywide noise restrictions proposed by the Conseil National du Bruit. Although this can vary depending upon where you live, generally, you are not supposed to make excessive noise outside of these hours:

Monday through Saturday  8 AM until noon and 2 PM until 8 PM

Sundays and holidays between 10 AM and noon

That shouldn’t be a problem for us, outside or in, for two reasons: 1. We won’t have a yard to mow or much outdoor space, and; 2. We won’t be hammering or drilling holes in the walls because we’ll use removable glue hangers for any pictures and then just pull them off when we leave.

There’s no definition of “excessive noise” but I’m sure there would be an exception for the popping sound of champagne corks, the crunch of a crispy baguette, and the crinkle of the paper wrapped around a creamy brie. Priorities, you know.

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