It’s alive!

After a month of writing and rewriting posts, trying variouscloset 002 (1024x768) layouts, finding or taking appropriate photos, and figuring out what widgets we wanted to use, we launched this blog yesterday with little fanfare but much praise. Thank you so much to all of you who have already said such nice things about the blog and good wishes for prosperity in our new home.

But it’s not just this blog that’s come alive. Take a look at this photo of my closet and tell me if you can spot the difference between one side and the other. Yes, our clothes closets have taken on a life of their own as well. When we travel in Europe with our friends Cathy, Jane, Kate, and Paula, we are known collectively as the “Men in Black” by our French friends and you can see why from the second photo as we are walking toward a Loire Valley château on a cool and cloudy early spring morning. Now that we’ll be moving to the south of France known for its 300 days of sunshine each year, our wardrobe was in need of an update. To go with our new locale Group in black (1024x768)you’ll be able to detect bright clothes and even brighter smiles.

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  1. Make sure to throw in a scarf or two! Alan and I noticed right away that EVERYONE in Carcassonne wears a scarf. We were sadly lacking in appropriate neck wear when we first arrived!

    Even made a scarf for the dog!

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