Tapioca or Jello®?

What a question, huh? In our quest to use up the foods that are still here in the house in what we call “shopping the pantry” I came across a box of tapioca, part of which Bill had used quite some time ago when making a fresh cherry pie. I don’t really remember the pie but I know that he didn’t make the tapioca into pudding since he detests anything with a consistency like bread pudding, rice pudding, or custard of any sort.

After I told him what dessert was going to be, Bill went rummaging through the shelves and returned with a box of Jello®. Clearly I certainly was not going to eat that since it was left over from that horrible night-before cleanse required for a colonoscopy. That’s one of those experiences where the bark truly is worse than the bite since once the anesthesia hits you don’t feel or remember anything, thank goodness.

The odd thing about this pudding vs. gelatin battle is that we almost never eat dessert but this contest will continue since the shelves aren’t empty yet. Where is a tarte tatin or a fluffy chocolate souffle when you need one?

5 thoughts on “Tapioca or Jello®?

  1. Bob & Bill, it was fantastic meeting you this weekend! I’m reading through your posts and wanted to make a comment somewhere and when I hit this one voila as they say in France! When we recently moved we did the same thing, only I called it eating down the pantry. Even after that, I recently found a box of Lipton Noodle soup with an expiration date of 8 years ago! OMG, that meant I moved it 2 more times before I just threw it out. Needless to say the pantry is now overstocked with lots of stuff we will probably not eat for a very long time.

    I’m looking forward to following your fun journey ~Pam!


    1. Welcome to the party! We too were delighted to meet you after hearing your name for so long. Do you know that we still have an envelope of Lipton onion soup in the pantry? Never know when you’re going to have to make some dip for potato chips, right? We’re not shipping much to France but it’s probably a good thing that they won’t let you send food; otherwise, we might be making that dip out of crème fraîche instead of sour cream. Yum?


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