Would you rather….

Which would you rather do:

A. Get up at 3:30 AM on a Saturday so that you could drive someone to the airport, or;

B. Drive into downtown Atlanta during evening rush hour on the Friday of a long holiday weekend?

Give me choice A. anytime. Our neighbor needed to get up to New York City and we were happy to take her to the bus she had booked from Atlanta but it was going to take almost 20 hours to get up there. Bill thought that there had to be a better way and sure enough, those travel searching skills that he’s honed over the years paid off with a 7:00 AM flight that gets into the city before the bus does on Saturday morning. Coffee, please.

One of the nice things about living in Carcassonne is that we’ll be able to walk to pretty much anywhere, and that even includes the airport, if necessary. There’s a bus stop not far from the house, the train station is about 20 minutes by foot and from there we can either take a direct bus to the airport or continue walking for maybe 40 minutes. Grocery stores, appliance stores and any other kind of shopping we might need surround the city, all connected by sidewalks plus bus routes and there’s the fresh fruits and vegetables market three days a week in the center of town. We’ll be able to sleep in and still get anywhere in time.

2 thoughts on “Would you rather….

  1. Blogtastic! We Europeans excel in the use sidewalks, helps late at night when one too many wines prohibits the use of the car. We have taken your advicre regarding U Tube French language lessons although some of them seem to provide some strange common phrases such as “I feel a little down” translates as ” I feel like a cockroach” but perhaps we are underestimating the usefulness of such a phrase? However, Gaynor has picked up on the fact that scarves are very popular in Carcassonne and spent yesterday walking around Chatsworth House Country Fair buying some gloriously exotic neck-ware (and a coat)!


    1. The French do eat some things that Americans might consider exotic but I doubt that at a restaurant you’ll need the cockroach phrase. Bring on the scarves…we’re ready for a fashion show!


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