That’s exactly it…sort of

Marshall's Point, near Rock-something, ME
Marshall’s Point, near Rock-something, ME

If you’ve been to Atlanta you’ll know that if someone tells you that they live on “Peachtree” you’ll need some more information. Is it street, road, lane, way or one of the other 70 variations on that name used throughout the city. We’re just back from Boston and while we were up in New England we were going to visit a friend who lives in “Rock-something” as I remembered. Well, does it end in port, land, perhaps wood since all of those exist? Is it Maine or maybe Massachusetts  where there are almost 100 place names that include “rock”.

I like the attitude of a friend of ours who was responding to a French waiter’s question when we were all having lunch together in a Parisian restaurant. She wanted to say “yes” but her reply was “Si…oui…one of those.” That’s exactly it, sort of.