Refundable bottles

Refundable bottles

As we were driving from the Boston airport up to Camden, ME it struck me about how pious this region of the country, especially Maine, had become. Once we left Interstate 95, without exaggeration (as if I ever would) each time we crossed into a new town there would be a sign pointing towards the “Redemption Center”. Living in Georgia I was used to seeing a church on every street corner and having multiple religious TV and radio stations, but this explicit show of devotion seemed unusual.

A quick check of the Internet confirmed that the state is indeed blanketed with these centers. Curiously, these had names including Dad’s, Butch’s, Cigaret, and my favorite, Brewers. It seems that no matter your sin, you can be redeemed. Imagine our surprise, upon paying a deposit on each bottled beverage that we purchased from a grocery store, learning that we could obtain a refund by visiting one of these centers. Fearing that such a visit still might be too risky, we left all of our bottles in the recycle bin.

Here’s another New England mystery for you. At the Boston airport have you seen the Smoking Shelter? Who knew what an open and accepting society they were?

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