Back from the future

Bill between the cité (castle) above and the city below
Bill between the cité and the city

We’ve just returned from a couple of weeks in Carcassonne and if this is any indication of what life is going to be like there, we’re in for a real treat! As on numerous previous vacations, we rented an apartment through a holiday home agency so that we could pretend that we lived in whatever location we had chosen as our base for the vacation. When we first booked this trip the purpose was to find a place to live. Since that had been taken care of weeks prior to our departure, we were free to pursue an even more personal goal of meeting up with people.

The first week there was definitely the more administrative half as we met our new landlords, signed the lease to begin on March 1, and made other visits around town to places like the bank and town hall that we will frequent. I am happy to report that in each office we stopped into and explained in carefully-rehearsed French that we would soon be moving to Carcassonne we were welcomed with open arms. At least I think they said they were happy to see us!

Once the business side of the trip was complete it was time to start the party. After months of communicating via email and Facebook it was wonderful to finally meet in person fellow bloggers Tracy and Alan. We learned so much about moving to France from their blog that we were inspired to start our own in hopes of helping others.

Mediterranean coast near Argeles-sur-mer
Mediterranean coast near Argeles-sur-mer. Photo by Pete


Taking advantage of non-stop flights between England and Carcassonne, our Sheffield friends Gaynor and Pete spent the far-too-short second week with us enjoying the city and its surroundings. Although the airport really is within walking distance we picked them up in a rental car, a mode of transportation that we will not have once we move there. By the way, dear European readers, in addition to other cities in the UK, this airport also has direct service to Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

Bill in Mirepoix, France
Bill in Mirepoix, France

The next few blog posts will highlight the vacation part of this trip. There were visits to towns, to markets, the sea, the mountains, and castles galore. While experiencing this was definitely a treat for us, we hope that reading about it will be the same for you as you follow along on our new French adventures!

3 thoughts on “Back from the future

  1. We both feel exceptionally privileged to share the last week in Carcassonne with you guys. We thoroughly enjoyed your company and the experiences we shared. We hope that ‘bloggers’ look carefully at the photo of Bill in Mirepoix and the decorations around the market ……. We did our own version of apples / leaves bunting for Hallowe’en in Sheffield ( England) and were the envy of all our neighbours! We intend to leave our decorations in situ until the very, very last minute! Maybe we will spray them gold for Christmas!!
    Your Blog continues to give us lots of info and great pleasure.
    We look forward to Spring in Carcassonne …… you do NOT get rid of us easily, after all we know where you live!
    ( love to Tracy, Alan and Sammy for a lovely day )
    Pete and Gaynor

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    1. I knew when you saw those decorations that you would be taking that idea along with you.
      Since you actually lived in the house before we did so you know it better than we do at the moment.
      Love to see you in Spring if not sooner.


  2. The decorations are still up ….. despite the fact that the leaves are now very dry, but that adds a ‘ spookiness ‘ to them! Our Hallowe’en visitors liked the decorations – and also our apples which were in a bucket by the witch!
    Maybe we will take everything down this weekend.
    Love to you both.
    Pete and GaynorXXX

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