Bathrooms and ice trays

Mini ice trays

Mini ice trays

It’s all a matter of interpretation or translation. Before we knew for sure that we were moving to Carcassonne, we rented an apartment there for a couple of weeks so that we could explore the area. Although the listing for the place said that there were two bathrooms, we contacted the owner just to make sure. He reassured us, in perfect English, that the listing was correct and he answered another question in the affirmative concerning ice trays. You’re getting an insight into our priorities, aren’t you?

Imagine our surprise when we arrived to find that the one bathroom was divided into two rooms, thus creating the two bathrooms as listed. As you may know, the French word for “bathroom” is always plural, so let’s count that one as a translation issue. The ice trays, on the other hand, would be a matter of interpretation. You know those 99 dollar dorm room refrigerators you might have had in college? Guess what size ice trays fit into those. The attached photo will give you an idea. To be honest, we were pleased that the fridge even had a freezer section. If you come visit us in our new place get ready for two bathrooms (OK, one and a half) and an American-size refrigerator with ice and water through the door. Woo-hoo!

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