No nails, please

Lingerie shop
One of many lingerie shops

This morning Bill said to me “I haven’t noticed any nail salons in town” and I had to agree that he was correct. Now before you jump to conclusions that we’re addicted to mani-pedis, although the first time I heard that word I thought it was nail work for men, we’ve never been. The reason it even came up was because in the Atlanta area whenever a business location empties it is quickly filled by a nail salon. It’s not unusual to see two of them in the same block. Carcassonne has its share of empty buildings but despite that we would be hard pressed to tell you where to get a set of French tips.

What we could tell you however, is where to buy lingerie. Those shops are everywhere! And it’s not just Carcassonne. Every town we’ve visited appears to have an ample supply of these sexy shops. Seems like French women and men have a reputation for a reason!