Chip off the old block

Heather with her favorite toy

Heather with her favorite toy

We took Heather for her annual checkup this morning and and I’m happy to say that she came through with flying colors, as usual. The one difference today, however, is that she got chipped. In preparation for the move to France and getting her own pet passport, Heather had to have an internationally-accepted microchip ID tag implanted. As gross as that sounds, it truly is tiny and fits through a syringe needle, so in theory was no more uncomfortable than getting the rabies shot that she also had to have at the same time.

So that’s part one of the process. For part two we have to return to the vet within 10 days of departure from the US to obtain a European Union veterinary certificate that we must then get endorsed by the US Department of Agriculture. Luckily that office is in the Atlanta area and since we’re be flying out of the airport here, it won’t be a problem to take the form there and pick it back up.

Heather’s not the only one getting her medical records in order. In the last month or so Bill and I have both been to our family doctor, eye doctor, and dentist making good use of those “free” dollars we’ve socked away in the medical savings account. We won’t have that money available in France but since a visit to the doctor there costs about 25 dollars, there won’t be an issue. By the way, the World Health Organization “finds that France provides the best overall healthcare” in the world. Just sayin’.

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