Ghost of Christmas past

Boxed up ChristmasHere’s a photo of what 60 years’ worth of Christmas decorations looks like all boxed up. Some of you will note that Bill and I have been together only 30 years; therefore, some of this has to be from a long time ago, right? Not so much.

First off, that stack of blue containers on the left is full of lights, both indoors and out, so you know those can’t be too old . There are wreaths we got for specific doors in our current house. The same is true for the miniature trees that go on either side of the front door. There’s a mantle cover that Bill made and custom fit to put over the fireplace where logs are burning nicely right now as I type.

So what of all of this is going with us? At this point I don’t know. In the formative plan, when we were only taking two suitcases each plus the dog, it was easy: nothing other than the clothes that fit inside could go. Now that we are going to be shipping “some things” decisions have to be made. Anything electrical is out since that wouldn’t work there anyway plus there’s not much  sentiment attached to a string of lights. The door wreaths are too big and fragile as are all of the ceramic figures and buildings. But what about those ornaments we picked up on our first trip to England 30 years ago? The same goes for that tiny Eiffel Tower from years ago but maybe it should go back home (unless that’s China, of course). Remember Teddy Ruxpin and his pal Grubby, the talking animals whose eyes and mouths moved? Those have come out every year at Christmas since 1986 just long enough to spook the dogs.

There really are a handful of decorations in there much older than the number of years we’ve been together, but I was more drawn to the ornaments you see here. There’s the miniature Harrod’s bag from that first trip to London, our first dog, Susie, in her red sweater, and mementos from Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. And look, it’s Asheville, North Carolina’s Biltmore House that was inspired by a French chateau. We’re all going to have to wait to see a photo of next year’s Christmas tree to see if these and any others made the move. By the way, Merry Christmas!

Ornaments to go?
Ornaments to go?

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