Holiday home for home

Packing crate
Bill put the puzzle pieces together.

For many years we have rented a variety of accommodations for vacations through one of the online booking services for homeowners who rent out their places. It’s given us the chance to spend time in a riverside cabin, a lakeside bungalow, an oceanfront condo, an Irish castle, and a couple of French chateaux. For the last few days we’ve been in Atlanta at a house with a theater, a British pub, a gym, a steam shower, and lots of other amenities that really made it feel like home. Oh yeah, it IS our home…or rather it WAS.

Yes, I am grateful to say that yesterday we closed on our house and the buyer kindly let us stay until the next day so that we could make sure the items we’re shipping to France actually got on a truck going to the port. A crate was waiting for us on the doorstep when we got back from the closing attorney’s office so the afternoon was occupied with filling it to the top with boxes. Bill is a great puzzle solver and since that’s exactly what this was, he excelled at figuring out what went where. In the photo you can see how well he succeeded.

We still have a couple of weeks before we leave the US so it’s time for a bit of relaxation. We always think that going on vacation before retiring in southwestern France is a good idea. Ideally we’d hoped to get in a few family and friends’ visits, and we will get to see Cheryl & Pete, but considering that the calendar still says it’s winter, and we’ve been stuck in some bad snow storms, we’re heading to the Sunshine State. Hotel prices would indicate that fleeing even the potential of bad weather at this time of year is not a novel idea, but we’ll still make it down to Key West with a couple of classic Florida stops along the way. Come on back for the fun!

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