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Yarn for miles

Although this photo might look as if the trash collectors have gone on strike or perhaps that there’s a waiting list to get into the morgue, it’s really much more tame. It’s yarn, 24 bags of yarn, almost 1000 pounds. Yes, we finally cleared out Bill’s design studio in the bonus room over the garage and this is what’s left. Last week he sold off the last of the knitting machines and those lucky buyers get to return this weekend to collect these rolls of soon-to-be fabric. Not to worry, there’s plenty going to France but that’s already been boxed up, and there’s the rub.

We had a slight hiccup today in getting our shipment set up to cross the Atlantic. The container was sent to us from Charleston, SC on Monday with an expected delivery here in Atlanta on Thursday, but by 3 PM today, Friday, it still had not arrived. The delivery company’s tracking website shows it as an “exception” saying that they are investigating it as a lost package. The shipping company is overnighting us a new container on Monday that will arrive the same day as we are closing on the house. Luckily the new owners are letting us stay in the house for a couple of days so I think this is all going to work out just fine, without a moment to spare.

So why did all of this happen at the last minute? First we had to have a visa before we could order the shipping container since that’s how we’ll avoid paying any customs duty and value added tax on our household goods that we’re sending over to France. Next, we thought we had two more weeks before closing on the house but the bank is anxious to start collecting their interest on the new loan, we guess, so they are ready NOW.

The real question though is how do you lose a 100 cubic foot container in the 300 miles between Charleston and Atlanta? My theory is two-fold: it weighs 70 pounds and who wants to pick that up? Plus, in its empty state it looks like a flat plastic pallet that’s lost its contents, so why would anyone be mailing that? Can’t wait until next week when 2 containers show up at once!

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