Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Morse Museum in Winter Park, FL

It was closer to lunchtime but we were definitely with Tiffanys; a bunch of Tiffanys. Today we were in Winter Park, Florida, just north of Orlando, to see the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum that has an entire wing devoted to works by Louis Comfort Tiffany. They have examples of every kind of art he produced including jewelry, pottery, paintings, and of course leaded-glass lamps. The building’s Park Avenue location made it ideal for a stroll along the tree-lined street trying to decide which of the many restaurant options to choose before seeing the exhibition.

Since Carcassonne has only one Thai restaurant we decided on The Orchid and were not disappointed. After sharing a starter of steamed dumplings, we each had a different curry, both of which were seasoned perfectly using obviously fresh ingredients. Interestingly, the couple sitting behind us had rented a boat on the Canal du Midi last summer and raved about their time in Carcassonne. The restaurant opened at noon and by the time we finished a delicious lunch, the museum, only a short walk away, was open.

Amtrak station in Winter Park, FL

Wow, what a gorgeous collection of Tiffany’s works they have. Although the museum houses much more art, we spent our time just admiring the works of this one artist. The lighting is perfect, the displays are nicely laid out, and you come away feeling as if you have his complete life’s story. On the way back to the car we happened to see Amtrak’s Silver Meteor, bound for Miami, pulling into the station whose foundation dates from 1890. And speaking of Miami, we’re headed that way ourselves tomorrow with Key West as that day’s destination. See you down there!