No holds barred, we’re goin’ to Florida

How do you choose?

Whenever Bill and I are in Florida we’re both reminded of the Broadway musical Pump Boys and Dinettes. You’ll probably see references to the songs in the next couple of posts including the title of this one, so feel free to sing along.

Yesterday was our first day of vacation in the Sunshine State but it wasn’t living up to its name. It wasn’t just raining; it was pouring all day long. Because we weren’t able to leave Atlanta until 6:30 PM the night before we didn’t get to Cheryl and Pete’s house until well past midnight which gave us a great excuse to sleep in as if the storms weren’t enough. Then we were faced with the dilemma of what to do on such a foul weather day. And if the weather is hell we’ll hang around the motel makin’ love and watchin’ color TV. Since one of the many things we look forward to in France is a daily visit to the boulangerie, it was easy enough to figure out that we’d be going to a bakery.

And if the weather is hell we’ll hang around the motel makin’ love and watchin’ color TV.

Although we’d been to Nana Teresa’s Bake Shop only two weeks ago when we’d gone to the French consulate in Miami, it was time to return. One of Bill’s favorite expressions at places like ice cream shops or candy stores, for example, where you are faced with endless choices is “I’d like one of everything”. This time he said it and that’s exactly what we got–one of every kind of pastry that they had on their shelves. You can see a few of the treats in this photo of key lime mousse and tart, peanut butter and chocolate pie (yum!), blueberry cheesecake, and a fresh fruit tart. If we get something like one of these everyday in Carcassonne we’ll be two happy guys.

Winter flower
It’s February so this must be Florida

Right across the street is a new restaurant called the Patio Place where they have a partnership with the county’s high school culinary program to train students in a real workplace. Since this bistro features crepes and even has bubbly French wine on the menu, it was a natural choice for lunch. The chef heard me tell our server that our favorite restaurant in Carcassonne, Le Blé Noir, is a creperie, so he asked me to take a menu with us for comparison. I imagine that the chef there will be impressed with the range of choices from this Florida eatery, however, I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the “Americano” that includes scrambled egg and bacon!

Tomorrow we’re headed further south to Winter Park. Please join us….