How dry I am (not)

Clothes dryer
Clothes drying in the living room

We washed our first load of laundry today. It took two and a half hours for the wash cycle. It will take another 24 hours to dry them; not because the machine is inefficient. It’s because there is no dryer. It’s pretty standard in Europe for the washer to take a long time to complete its mission just as its location is quite common: in the kitchen.

None of this came as a surprise to us having been over here on many vacation trips and rented places that included washing machines that seemed to take forever and were sitting right beside the dishwasher. And we are so grateful to have both. Yep, our kitchen has both a washing machine and a dishwasher that we seem to use daily with not a hint of regret.

You know I said that we don’t have a dryer. Technically that’s not true since at the moment we do have one and it’s sitting in the living room just beside the television and even when it’s doing its job we can still enjoy a favorite program. I think that the accompanying photo will explain why.

Now before you ask, both bathrooms include indoor plumbing and electric lights. All the conveniences of home because that’s exactly where we are.

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  1. We haven’t used our dryer for years, except in severe emergencies. Do you have any outside space to hang them? They would probably dry more quickly. Pat got this huge heavy duty rolling clothes rack that he loads up at the washer and then rolls out onto the driveway at the back. If it’s rainy, he puts it out in his office with the fan blowing on it. I wonder why their washers are designed to take so long.

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  2. Yikes, I really cannot imagine doing laundry that way for years to come. Two weeks with slow washers and no dryer this fall in Italy was enough for us. But you guys are much more flexible than we are.

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