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St. Gimer church from 1854 below the castle

St. Gimer church from 1854 below the castle

Yesterday was Easter and as you might expect most places were closed. In fact, almost everything is closed around here on Sundays: shops, restaurants, even the buses don’t run. Having moved from being within a 5-minute drive of several supermarkets and a supercenter that literally never close we thought it might take a long time to adjust. It didn’t.

By the end of our first week here we were ready to hunker down and survive a Sunday without the ability to run out at 3:00 AM (or PM)  to buy that one item we just had to have. We came from hurricane/tornado country after all,  so we had our checklist: our food, dog food, water (for Heather), wine (for us), flashlight, and of course, bathroom tissue. But it was a non-event; we fell in with the rhythm here and just relaxed.

A favorite walking route for Heather

A favorite walking route for Heather

Traditionally Sundays in France have been spent with family and friends; big lunches, long walks, enjoying time together. That holds true in Carcassonne too…unless you’re part of the tourist industry and with 3 million visitors a year to the medieval walled fortress, that’s a lot of industry! We could have rented a house up there inside the castle, but the thought of all those people walking past our front door made us choose a place outside the walls. Although we’re only about 100 yards/meters below those massive walls we’re a world away with quiet lunches and tranquil walks along the river and canal. We like Sundays just fine.

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  1. Heather has great taste in walking routes, that was one of my favorites too!

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  2. That walking route does look lovely! I am not surprised you adapted to a day of non-shopping. And for Bill, Amazon is always open. 😉


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