Induction into induction

Cooking curried vegetables outside
Cooking curried vegetables outside

We bought something recently that had all of the following and many more warnings: Don’t use this if you have a pacemaker, wear hearing aids, have reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, lack experience and knowledge, are under age 8, live in a farmhouse, on and on. With all of this cautionary advice I’m surprised that we were even allowed to make a purchase. Welcome to induction cooking.

As you probably know, Europe is generally quite energy conscious with most countries  encouraging practices that help to protect the environment. One way of doing that is by using less electricity for meal preparation which is exactly what happens with induction cooking. Magnets generate a current that causes instant heat that is transferred to the metal pot above.

Our house kitchen here is equipped with an induction cooktop that looks just like any other glass cooktop in America. The difference is that the cookware must be substantially iron based for it to work. A cast-iron skillet works great as do many other metal pans that allow the magnetic waves to do their trick.

In the US we used our outdoor gas grill almost every night, not often for grilling but rather the side burner to prepare curries with strong aromas or stirfries that splatter, for example. Here we have a small courtyard that lends itself better to a single, standalone induction cooktop that will help to prevent tonight’s dinner smells from lingering into tomorrow. Since we don’t live in a farmhouse, have no apparent ailments, and are both over the age of 8, I think we’ll be able to cook!

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  1. I love our induction cooktop. I recently made polenta from scratch and the recipe said to cook for 20 minutes, it was complete in less than 5 minutes. Absolutely amazing how quickly a meal can be prepared!

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  2. your model looks exactly like the one i bought recently. it is a fantastic gadget , i like it very much. though here in uk, there are no warnings about pacemakers etc… interesting that u like curries. strong smells and so many dont like cooking them for that reason.

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