The kitchen octopus

Where do all of those pipes lead?
Where do all of those pipes lead?

The last time we had an octopus in the kitchen was…never except now, with the new house, there’s one there 24 hours a day and we couldn’t be happier even though it keeps us in hot water. Literally we have all the hot water we want, on demand, from this machine you see pictured here hanging on the wall in our kitchen. Anyone familiar with the old television game show question “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” will understand its size. Updated to our current location, it’s as tall as a baguette, as wide as a beret, and all of those pipes keep us toasty throughout the house.

Back in Atlanta we had three bathrooms including one with a spa shower where water came at you from every direction even while you were standing in a bubbling jet tub equipped with a foot massager. To supply all of those we had a huge water heater, standing as tall as we do, keeping 100 gallons (379 liters) of water piping hot around the clock ready for use in an instant. Now we have one bathroom with a simple shower that gets you clean without freezing you in the process, all from that tiny box. How can that be?

A full photo of the heater
A full photo of the heater

If you’ve been to the UK, you might have experienced a power shower. It’s an electrical box that hangs on your shower wall (who says that electricity and water don’t mix?) to give you a pressure boast and sometimes to heat the water. We’ve never had lots of luck with those since in our experience you must keep the volume low, like spraying yourself with a mister; otherwise, it turns cold. Luckily we get plenty of pressure and with this tankless, on-demand heater connected to the city’s gas supply, hot water doesn’t have the potential to be a shocking surprise! The other bonus for us is that this small device keeps the radiators throughout the house toasty warm. After long, chilly walks we both enjoy cozying up to a “rad” with a steaming cup of cocoa. We might actually look forward to winter.

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  1. We also got to partake of the cassoulet from Castelnadry. Our festival in Villetou brought it in from there, it was great.
    Let us know if you are near Mirepoix and we will meet for lunch.
    After election results in America, it will be nice to meet with some expats. We are a bit somber today.

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