But is he happy?

Rock group The Billexcited poster from the city's website
Rock group The Billexcited poster from the city’s website

How can I tell that Bill’s happy living in Carcassonne? Just take a look at this poster from the city’s website. Although we’ve met the mayor several times and feel relatively integrated into the community here, we probably don’t yet warrant our own endorsement from town hall. This is actually an advertisement for a band called The Billexcited that’s playing tomorrow night at one of the many music venues here that the city makes available at reasonable prices; in the case, free. Almost every night for 6 weeks in the summer all of those concert halls, indoors and out, are full of nationally and internationally-known stars. The rest of the year we’re treated to a wide range of entertainment including music, theater, dance, lectures, demonstrations, etc. at many of these locations in keeping with Carcassonne’s official theme of bien vivre that we might call Living Well. Bon week-end! 

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