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The Aude river through Carcassonne

Recognizing the importance of saving the planet from global warming, the French government now offers a 4-year grant to individuals who want to move to France to continue their research, studies, and/or instruction in fighting climate change.The program is open to citizens around the globe but was announced immediately following the withdrawal by the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

The newly-created website Make Our Planet Great Again features a video of French president Emmanuel Macron, speaking in English, appealing to “all scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and responsible citizens who were disappointed by the decision of the President of the United States’’ to come to France where they will find “a second homeland” to work together on solutions for the climate and the environment.

There is a simple form to fill out that requests your citizenship, your motivation for wanting to continue your work regarding the ecology of the planet, and your contact details. There is a promise of a response to your request for more information within 3 business days. Although I could not find any further information on the website itself, I did read some more details made available to reporters when the site was first demonstrated. Funding is available for 4-year grants and those chosen will be allowed to stay in France at least that long or longer if they find a permanent position. Spouses are encouraged to accompany the grant seekers and are free to seek employment here. Apparently there is a reminder that public schools are free and that tuition at universities is very reasonable. The average cost to obtain a Bachelor’s degree at a public university is 190 euros/dollars per year.

Anyone coming to France?

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  1. I love it that President Macron has invited scientists, particularly those in the US, to come to France! I quickly shared the news with my connections to climate researchers. No word yet on takers, but I have hopes.

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