All dressed up

Jeff de Bruges chocolates for Christmas

To encourage business owners to decorate their shop windows during the holiday season, the city sponsors a contest during December. There is a small local prize for the winner, but from what we understand the motivation is more about being part of the community; joining in with the others rather than trying to outdo someone else. We walked around the main shopping streets and got some shots of our favorites; sometimes the entire storefront and occasionally just one ornament tucked among many. Enjoy the show!


Flowers by Estel
Table decorations by Histoires
Jewelry Miro in half-timbers






A chocolate spiral tree by Thuriès
Cécile’s boutique
Reindeer at MB 26 florist






One of 3 windows at Pharmacy les Etudes
A second Jeff de Bruges chocolate window







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  1. I do love to hear your news. I am so looking forward to returning to Carcassone in May 2018. I hope you will be around “ pour prendre une verre”!!

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