It’s spring

Cherry blossoms in an abandoned orchard

Canadian friends are in town this week on a house hunting trip and we were delighted that nature has provided quite the floral welcome for them. That’s been helped by lots of sunshine and some pleasant temperatures that at the beginning of March were averaging around 17℃ (62℉) which is exactly the same as it was in that northern neighbor of the US except there was a minus sign in front of the 17 bringing it down to a chilly 1 degree F. Hopefully that’s just a memory now and they can enjoy some of these scenes from around Carcassonne. There’s an abandoned fruit orchard down by the river which still presents a sea of white and pink as first the cherries and then apples prepare for the season. Even if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere and anticipating cooler days you can still enjoy the colors here just emerging. Happy spring!

Flower path to the city gate

A market stall overflowing with seasonal plants

Gardens adorn the 13th century bridge










Bay laurel trees grow wild along the river

Iris and tulip bed outside the 12th century cathedral

Memorial to those lost in foreign wars







A tabletop planter

The Canal-du-Midi just reopened for the season connecting the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

Redbud tree beside an ancient wall

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  1. We adore spring in France! It comes early and shows off where we are, too. Another plus for Charente and your lovely Carcassonne is that winters are fairly short. Thanks for the lovely photos (and the ability to comment again:-).

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