Halloween treats

Chocolate skulls and the tell-tale heart

Earlier this month when we were in Bruges we stopped into a lot of chocolate shops (there are at least 50) and Bill took photos of some of their window displays including the skulls and raven you see here. Although it’s not a well-celebrated holiday in France, one of our own chocolateries in Carcassonne got inspired as well. In that spirit, we wish you a “sweet” Halloween!



The nevermore raven






Aw, pumpkins and kittens

One thought on “Halloween treats

  1. Love this! Love the photos. I adore Halloween, especially the old-fashioned joys of witches, Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and bats. My children and I used to carve 12 jack-o-lanterns each year on this day – 10 for the windows in the front of the house and two for the doorstep. When I’ve visited the neighborhood at this time of year – I’ve been in Europe for 20 years – as recently as last year people still comment on how they miss our display. In Ireland, where the Jack-o-lantern was invented, children came to our door on Samhain, as it’s known, and sang or played an instrument or recited poetry for their treats – utterly charming. I have seen children in costume going door-to-door in our local large town on the afternoon of Halloween, but none ever come to us in the countryside. Nonetheless, every year my freshly carved Jack-o-lantern stands guard against goblins. Happy Halloween to you both – Boo!

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