Colorful Carcassonne

Art deco former city hall

Although the summer tourist season may have been delayed this year, it’s now in full swing. In a symbolic gesture yesterday the city “opened” the main pedestrian shopping street by opening hundreds of colorful umbrellas and unfurling equally bright sails above the main driving  thoroughfare. Half of the millions of visitors that come here annually to marvel at Europe’s largest walled fortress live in Spain. While France will fully reopen its borders to international tourists tomorrow, our neighbor just to the south will probably wait until the end of the month. That will give restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops just enough time to get used to masks, distancing, and other procedures put in place to keep everyone healthy. In the meantime, here’s a preview of what will be awaiting them.

St. Vincent church started in 1269
Walking to the train station
Driving down rue de Verdun









The middle of town at Place Carnot
Square Gambetta and the art museum
Roses to the castle










More of the colorful Bellevue gardens

6 thoughts on “Colorful Carcassonne

  1. Thank you so much for these photos. Seeing the streets and the park bring back such happy memories, especially decked out in their summer finery.


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  2. Hello Bob and Bill too!

    WOW, that sure must be alot of work for the town officials to coordinate. Nice to be able to live in such a place.
    And yes, I hear you on needing time (restaurants and other businesses) to get used to wearing masks and other such measures…

    Happy sunday to you.

    With friendly greetings from Bavaria,

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