Carcassonne Christmas

Although the big day was yesterday, if we were with friends in the UK, we’d still be celebrating today as well with Boxing Day. Whether the name might refer to alms boxes used to collect funds for the needy or to the boxes of gifts that wealthy homeowners presented to their servants, the fun didn’t last beyond December 26. Luckily for us, we still have over a week left of La Magie de Noël (city’s logo above) here in Carcassonne. Although the sun will set this afternoon at 5:21 PM, that’s really when it gets brighter with all the colorful lights on the castle, the Ferris wheel, the merry-go-round, the skating rink, and in the wooden chalets of the market. Let the season continue!

4 thoughts on “Carcassonne Christmas

  1. Interesting, the time of your sunset. I am considerably south of you, but my sunset now is around 5 or 5;10. Although maybe you make up for it with later sun risings.

    Oh, and the pictures are so much fun. Many thanks.

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    1. This morning the sun was up at 8:22. In the summer, the city has to wait until after 10:00 PM on July 14 for it to be dark enough to see the fireworks.


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