We’ll be home for Christmas

Visits to Christmas markets have been an important part of our vacations in Europe since we first started coming here 30 years ago. An Internet search on the subject turns up numerous websites detailing “the best…iconic…top 5…the most magical” markets in more than a dozen countries, most of which we’ve had the good fortune to have seen. Even with some health restrictions in place last year we were able to spend time in 3 northern French cities decked out for the holidays. This year, after some incredible vacations in Spain, Switzerland, and Ireland we’ve decided to spend Noël right here in Carcassonne.  As Bing Crosby sang in 1943, “Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams, I’ll be home for Christmas”.

Possible spoiler for next year: Uh-oh, I just saw an article called Best Hidden Gems that highlights small, lesser-known Christmas markets in Europe. There may be a road trip (well, rail trip, anyway) in our future. In the meantime, here are some views from right up the street.

6 thoughts on “We’ll be home for Christmas

  1. If you should ever travel to Bavaria, we have a lovely Christkindles Markt here in Augsburg.
    Plus, we are an old roman town over 2000 years old. It is a place well worth a visit.

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    1. Very tempting! Over the years we’ve been in Munich and Nuremberg during Christmas so we’ll let you know before we visit Augsburg 😊


      1. Oh, well in the event you do plan a visit, I will be happy to be your tour guide. I love the history of Augsburg and do know many nice things to see.
        In fact, starting next year I am attending Augsburg Tourguide classes for our Regio Augsburg touristic office.

        Here is a pretty video clip from YouTube, that captures the beauty of our Augsburger Christkindles Markt and our Renaissance Rathaus and Perlachturm.

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