Red alert

Red trash can
Red trash can

On this most recent trip to Carcassonne we did a lot of window shopping. Once we move we won’t have a car so we used the rental car this time to visit stores on the outskirts of town. All of those will still be accessible to us on a 30 to 45-minute walk or a very quick bus ride that costs 1 euro. The house we’ll be living in is fully furnished down to the knives and forks so there won’t be much other than food that we’ll need to buy on a regular basis. We just figured that since we had the car we might as well use it.

In the attached photo you’ll see something that got Bill’s attention immediately. Magpie Bill, as I sometimes call him, was magnetically drawn to this red trash can that was on display in one of the stores. Once he zeroed in on that then we began to notice other accessories in that exact color all over the store. There were coffee mugs, silverware, drinking glasses, and even a toilet paper holder all in red calling out to him. When our friend Kate was a regional manager for a chain of home furnishings/decoration stores, she cleverly put a dent in her sales goals one Christmas by having the staff of one store move all of the red colored accessories to the front, knowing that Magpie would see it the instant he walked in. True story.

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    1. Bill is wondering if you are wanting to help with the moving and storage expenses for all of his pretty things…? We are moving into 600 square feet from 4000!


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