The postman’s wife

Irish pub #1

Irish pub #1

That blog post title sounds like the name of a romance novel, doesn’t it? You may have read an earlier post about how we got to know our mailman simply because for a month we were waiting daily for him to deliver our appointment letters from the French immigration office. We don’t get very much paper mail since most of our communication is electronic so it’s quite the event when there’s actually something in our box. That was the case two days ago when we found an announcement about a jazz singer that would be appearing in one of the two Irish pubs in town.

OK, so first we have the surprise of actually finding something in our mailbox. Then we see that it’s going to be a woman singing jazz and Beatles songs, presumably in English. Lastly, how did the invitation end up in our mailbox?

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting many of our neighbors at a party thrown for us by the couple across the street. For anyone attending those festivities it would have been apparent that while we do OK in French we’re more comfortable in English, so who might have sent us the invitation?

Irish pub #2

Irish pub #2

It didn’t take long to solve that mystery. We happened to see Englishman Tom from a few doors down getting ready to ride his bike into town, so we asked him about the card. He laughed and said that he too had received one and it was from the mailman. His wife was the performer and as we saw the next evening at the bar, our postman was her soundman. We still haven’t found out why Carcassonne has two Irish pubs, within a block of each other, but I guess that will take some on-site investigation. As they say in Dublin when toasting your health, Sláinte!

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  1. duckandjunebug

    Covington has 1 Irish pub now. I haven’t been there yet. You guys sure know how to make an impression. Oh, and when you move into your house, Joe wants the address so he can send you a card.

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