Christmas windows

A smiling penguin with his champagne

The theme for the holiday season this year in Carcassonne is La Magie de Noël (The Magic of Christmas) and last week I shared the city’s Facebook post about all of the activities on my own FB page. The comment from our friend Barb sums it up perfectly, “Nice, no holding back there!” and we certainly agree. The Mayor has long held that this should be a family event where everyone could meet up to “share moments of joy and laughter” as you can see on their website page devoted to at least 70 events going on this month:  Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Bill and I went walking a few nights ago to join in on the celebrations and to see what we could discover.


One of the windows at Jeff de Bruges chocolates



With so much going on at the same time it’s impossible to contain it all within the confines of the (once) walled city so we wandered from one side of town to the other past skating rinks, a giant piano, Christmas chalets full of stocking stuffers, and the huge Ferris wheel. It took longer than usual to follow this route because we got distracted by all of the shop windows that were dressed for the season. We’re both rather partial to chocolate, so you may see more than one display of these delights. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


How much is that doggie in the window?
A fountain inside the park of Pere Noel
An all-chocolate tree at Yves Thuries







With these cookbooks you could…
…learn to make these miniature bûches de noel
Fairyland at MB Florist









The fun awaits through the city gate
Looking over Santa’s shoulder to the castle

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  1. Merry Christmas to you. It would appear you are really getting the spirit. Looks beautiful in your posts. Mary has invited me to her house for Christmas and I am very sure it will also brighten my spirits too. She really puts everything into her decorating. Hope you are doing well. Love you.

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  2. Thank you. I loved looking at these Christmas displays, especially the fairyland in the mirror. How lovely it must be to be able to walk and look at festive displays during the Christmas season!

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