Leave a light on; it’s closin’ time

Heather on pier
Heather on the pier

Our Florida vacation is over so it’s time to return to Atlanta for a last visit to Heather’s vet and then all 3 of us can be off to France. For a final look back we all took a walk out to the end of the pier that you see in the featured photo above. Thanks, Cheryl & Pete, for taking such good care of Heather while we were on the road. There’s a Key West tribute to each of you at the bottom of this post. Continue reading “Leave a light on; it’s closin’ time”

Chip off the old block

Heather with her favorite toy
Heather with her favorite toy

We took Heather for her annual checkup this morning and and I’m happy to say that she came through with flying colors, as usual. The one difference today, however, is that she got chipped. In preparation for the move to France and getting her own pet passport, Heather had to have an internationally-accepted microchip ID tag implanted. As gross as that sounds, it truly is tiny and fits through a syringe needle, so in theory was no more uncomfortable than getting the rabies shot that she also had to have at the same time. Continue reading “Chip off the old block”

Would you like a rose bush with that dog food?

Garden and pet food store
Garden and pet food store

Today we went to see what kind of dog food we might find for Heather…at the garden center. Yes, in France it’s really quite common to buy your favorite pet her/his food at the same place you would pick up potting soil or a hanging basket of begonias. At first I thought that was really bizarre but considering that there are at least two nationwide chains of stores that sell exactly those products together it made me wonder if we did anything similar in the US. Ever hear of Feed & Seed stores? Continue reading “Would you like a rose bush with that dog food?”

Dog on a plane

Heather at the shelterWe have a dog. We found Heather at the animal shelter 12 years ago when she was 3 months old and I’m happy to say that she has as much energy now as she did back then when you could hardly keep her in your arms from all of the wiggling. Naturally she’ll be going with us so the first thing we checked out was being able to take her in the airplane cabin with us. Although small, she’s too tall to fit in a cage that would go under the seat in front of us so we asked about buying her a human ticket so that her cage could sit on the seat beside us. Not allowed. Have you heard of an airline called Pet Airways? They have refitted the interior of their jets with kennels instead of seats so that pets fly in the main cabin rather than in the hold. There were only 2 problems: they didn’t fly outside the US and they are out of business. Actually their still-active website says they they aren’t currently flying, so perhaps they will be back. Continue reading “Dog on a plane”